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White History Month Presents:


There is a bit of a misconception about slavery. People seem to think that white people actually owned people. That is so far from what really happened.

When the pilgrims came over to the new land, they realized that they would not have enough people to start a new country without a king. (There were no Native Americans. The country didn’t have a name then. How can yo be native to America when America didn’t actually exist?) What they did was put out a call around the world for help to build the new land. Most of the people that answered the call were from Africa. The Pilgrims then sent transportation to Africa in order to pick up the excited workers. When the Africans made it back to America, they immediately went to work. The Pilgrims oversaw production and gave the workers a place to stay.


When people think about the lack of pay the workers were getting, it is easy for them to assume that they were probably working for free...you know, like “slaves”. The Pilgrims came to an agreement with the Africans and created what we would call a “jobs program” today. Africans would sign up, and ships would go to pick them up for work. They would work the lands. In return, they would receive free houses and free food. Adjusted for inflation, that would be similar to the pay of a top executive of a Fortune 500 company.

So no, there were no slaves. Just Africans trying to make a living.

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