Miley Cyrus.

Contribution: Before Miley Cyrus, Disney was just a place where people would go to watch a bunch of 19 year olds pretend to be 7th graders. Then, Miley came in and changed the game. When she appeared, Disney became the place you went to for entertainment.

She is also credited for saving feminism. During a performance of MTV’s VMAs, Miley changed what it meant to be a feminist. Taking advice from whomever helps Lady GaGa (another great feminist) gets dressed, Miley hit the stage in a 2 piece swimsuit that was made from discarded latex gloves. This is when the brand new, never before seen dance move called Twerkingwas invented. She performed this brand new dance move on married man, Robin Thicke and people loved it. That was when you knew she was about to take feminism in a new direction. It caught on like most things did during this time. Black people all over the world tried to do it but could never get it quite right like Miley.


A few months after that, singer Beyonce was on stage at the Grammys dancing with her husband. Controversy arose when people compared her performance to Miley’s. Quote from Miley, “Y’all, like, she shouldn’t dance with her husband like that on national TV. That’s totes disgusting” People everywhere agreed and Beyonce was shunned out the music business while Miley got her own day (in February of course) called “Miley’s Twerk Appreciation Day

As we know, February 1st is the start of Black History Month. With that comes the question, “Where is my White History Month?” I am here to help those people in starting White History Month.