Robuston James Winnenton III aka Macklamore

Contribution: Macklamore single handedly stopped all homophobia in the world, using a genre of music he invented called “hip hop”. Macklamore was solely responsible for the “Great Gay Crusade” (which he named) that helped cleanse the homophobia that had become so ingrained in hip hop when African Americans invaded the genre. When asked about the homophobia in his genre, Macklamore replied, “I can’t believe how much of this gay bashing is going on in my genre of music. No other music genre has had homophobia...ever. I also don’t see any African Americans in those genres. Coincidence? I don’t think so.”

Macklamore went on after that to win 8 Grammys which people questioned because it seemed a little sketchy. Many people thought it was rigged in his favor since he was the one who invented hip hop. He later, in that same show, won humanitarian of the year for all of his efforts in getting same sex marriage passed in all 50 states.


As we know, February 1st is the start of Black History Month. With that comes the question, “Where is my White History Month?” I am here to help with white history month.